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13 Group (aka Agasha Group) Gorilla Family in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park

13 Gorilla Group (aka Agasha Gorilla  Group) Gorilla Family  in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park When first habituated this Agasha gorilla group had only 13 members hence its name. Now the group has approximately 25 members: 1 Silverback; 12 Adult females; 2 Sub adult female; 3 Juvenile and 7 Babies. Formerly this gorilla group was commanded…

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How to do a 1-Day Rwanda gorilla trekking tour from Kigali

Up to recently I kept receiving many emails from intending visitors on whether it is really possible to do a gorilla trek in one day without a hassle, and my answer of course is – YES, it is possible in Rwanda. Doing a 1 day Rwanda gorilla trekking tour is quite simple and complicated at…

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