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We are quite flexible on most of these if you let us know of your concern.

To confirm your reservation, we need to secure your gorilla (habituation experience) permits and chimpanzee permits. And we are required to make full payment for these permits to fully confirm them and so we also request you to make this payment at the time of booking.

If the tour you are booking is at least 60 days (or more) away, any deposit that should at minimum be able to cover the cost of the gorillas and chimps permits is fine.

The permits' costs are (per person, per day/trek):
Uganda gorilla tracking permit - US$600
Uganda Gorilla Habituation Experience permit - USD1500
Uganda Kibale Chimps tracking - USD150
Uganda Kibale Chimpanzee Habituation Experience - US220
Uganda Kyambura Gorge Chimps - USD50
Rwanda Gorilla Tracking permit - USD1500

Because most hotels/ lodges and camps will need payment to confirm bookings, we kindly request you to pay in full before the commencement of your tour/ safari.

If you have already paid for the permits, you can pay the balance any time before starting the tour to within 14 days before your tour begins. This is is not so strict but of course if we lost your preferred hotel/lodge reservation because of failure to pay in time, because of your failure to remit payment, we won't be held responsible.

The standard is we should have your full pay before you start the tour. So you can even pay on the tour start day. Besides, we need money to run your tour. Last minute payments may lead to late starts for the tour especially if you have to withdraw money from an ATM.

We advise you not to rely so much on ATMs for payment. Most often the networks fail, cards get rejected, and a search for a working ATM may take hours and this delays your tour so that you could miss out some of the tour activities.

That said, most of our clients choose to make one single full payment to reduce on the bank charges and stress of paying installments.

Payment Methods
Bank Transfer: Our most preferred payment mode would be by electronic bank transfer to our bank. It takes 3-5 days to receive the funds.

Payment  by credit/ Debit card 

Gorillas and Wildlife Safaris  secures your payment by working with "Direct Pay Online".
Direct Pay online provides a real time, cloud based processing platform, with state of the art technology that supports multiple transaction types with online and offline capabilities. The technology supports all modes of payments, all cards, mobile money, all currencies, mobile apps & card readers. The Direct Pay Online customer care team provides a single point of contact to you.

Gorillas and Wildlife Safaris will send you a payment link and you can choose yourself which payment option to use. This can be either Visa or Mastercard, American Express or Mobile Money.
Website: http://www.directpay.online/