Uganda Travel Advice

Uganda is a landlocked country in East Africa. Uganda is also known as the “Pearl of Africa”. It is bordered by Kenya in the east, South Sudan on the north, on the west by the Democratic Republic of Congo, on the south-west by Rwanda and south by Tanzania.

The southern park of the country includes a substantial portion of the mighty Lake Victoria, which is also bordered by Kenya and Tanzania.

From the second you step off the plane, the overwhelming impression of Uganda is one of rich natural diversity, friendly locals and a burgeoning cultural scene that is currently producing some of the most exciting artists in Africa.

Host to the source of the Nile at Jinja, Uganda is home to the world’s second largest lake - Lake Victoria, one of the most ancient volcanoes on Earth - Mt. Elgon.

Pristine and largely undiscovered, the country’s land are of 236,580 sq km bursts with a vibrant tapestry of diverse vistas against the backdrop of sparkling lakes, islands, rivers and waterfalls. The country boasts of an incredible array of landscapes that range from the snowcapped Mountains of  the Moon (the Rwenzori mountains) in the west to the jungles of the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in the south-west to the semi desert north-east and water-spangled lake districts in between.

A popular spot for wildlife watching is Queen Elizabeth National Park, which is home to four of the Big Five, a flock of flamboyant flamingos and the rare tree-climbing lions of Ishasha.

The star attraction, though, is the iconic mountain gorilla, which can be found further south in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.

While you’re down there it’s also worth taking a detour to Lake Bunyonyi, a mountain retreat famed for its stunning vistas and freshwater crayfish.

More natural wonders await in northern Uganda, home to the magnificent Murchison Falls, and in the east, where visitors will find the outstanding desert crags and ossified anthills of Kidepo.

Regardless of where you go in Uganda, when it comes to leaving, it will be with a heavy heart.