Combined Uganda Rwanda Gorilla Tours | Gorillas & Wildlife tours to Rwanda and Uganda

We have packaged these Uganda and Rwanda gorilla tours  combining gorilla trekking in Uganda and Rwanda, primates, and wildlife safaris to deliver you the most out of your holiday. You can opt for two or more gorilla treks, a gorilla trek and other primates or wildlife, visit a tribe closer to the parks among other tour packages. Some tours can start in Uganda and end in Rwanda or the other way round.

The following Uganda Rwanda tour itineraries are some of the most liked but we can always do tailor-made options for you. Also, you can join these tours with our Tanzania and Zanzibar Safaris or D.R.Congo tours or Kenya Safaris. Contact us here for more information or start tour planning.

Elephant and calf crossing the road, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda

All Inclusive Rwanda & Uganda Primate & Wildlife Safari – 12 Days

Elephant herd, Akagera National Park, Rwanda

Rwanda & Uganda Safari – 14 Days

Uganda Rwanda safari tour Leopard, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda

Uganda Rwanda Safari Gorillas, Primate, BIG5- 11 Days

elephants in Queen Elizabeth National Park - All Inclusive Uganda Rwanda Safari

All Inclusive Uganda Rwanda Safari – 11 Days

Bwindi Gorila trek safari rwanda Uganda chimps

Uganda Rwanda Safari Gorilla Chimp Trekking BIG 5 Wildlife Culture – 18 Days

Lake Mburo Zebras as seen on the 10 Days Uganda and Rwanda Safari -  Gorillas, More Primates and Wildlife Experiences

Uganda Rwanda Safari – GORILLAS, PRIMATES & WILDLIFE 10 Days


Rwanda Culture, Uganda Gorilla, Chimps & Wildlife Safari – 9 Days

Traditional Rwanda cultural dance - Rwanda Culture Uganda Gorilla Trek Wildlife Safari - 7 Days

Rwanda Culture Uganda Gorilla Trekking & Wildlife Safari – 7 Days

A Chimpanzee in Kibale on the rwanda uganda gorilla chimpanzee trek

Rwanda Uganda Gorilla Chimpanzee Trek Tour Primates Safari – 7 Days

Elephant and calf crossing the road, Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda

Rwanda Gorilla Trekking & Uganda Wildlife Chimp Trek – 7 Days

Gorilla, Bwindi, Uganda

Rwanda & Uganda Gorilla Trekking Safari – 5 Days

Mountain gorilla, Rwanda

Rwanda Gorilla Trek & Uganda Queen Elizabeth National Park Safari – 5 Days

Bwindi Gorila trek safari rwanda Uganda chimps

Uganda & Rwanda Gorilla Trekking | Chimps tracking Safari – 5 Days

ombined rwanda uganda gorilla trek tourGolden monkey, Rwanda

Uganda Rwanda Gorilla Trek & Golden Monkeys – 5 Days

All Uganda gorilla safaris, Uganda tours, gorilla trekking tours, primate wildlife safaris, gorilla habituation safaris, uganda gorilla trekking in Africa

Uganda- Rwanda Gorilla Trekking, Canoeing Tour – 5 Days

Bwindi Gorillas on the Rwanda Uganda Gorilla Trekking Safari

Rwanda Uganda Gorilla Trekking Safari – 4 Days

Clients' Reviews about Our Uganda & Rwanda Gorillas and Wildlife Safaris

  • star rating  After a moderate trek hour long trek into the forest, we encountered a large group of gorillas of varying ages. The guides did an excellent job of getting us in... read more

    1st December 2021

    star rating  We initially booked our trip in 2019 for late 2020, and due to Covid, we obviously couldn't then make that trip. Ivan contacted us as the world prepared to... read more

    1st November 2021

    star rating  This past August, my husband and I were finally able to make our trip to Uganda. We had originally booked with Gorillas and Wildlife Safaris for August 2020 but like... read more

    Julie L
    4th September 2021

    star rating  My husband and I originally scheduled our 13 day tour with Gorillas and Wildlife Safaris for September 2020, but due to Covid-19 we had to reschedule twice. Ivan’s customer service... read more

    1st September 2021
  • star rating  We were a group of 5 people that did the 7night/8 day Gorilla and Wildlife Safari and it was AMAZING. The trip started and ended in Entebbe, although that... read more

    Jeff P
    1st September 2021

    star rating  We decided to visit Uganda as a group of 3 women. I contacted several companies but Ivan was the most responsive so we went with Gorillas and Wildlife Safaris.... read more

    Nicole H
    1st September 2021

    star rating  We had a really great guide named Francis. He was genuinely nice and helpful. He took us to a local restaurant and treated us to their local cuisine called "rolex".... read more

    Jacqueline P
    1st September 2021

    star rating  What an experience! Such a memorable four days. Our guide was Ahmed. He is passionate about animals and extremely knowledgeable of the area. I also felt he prepared us very... read more

    29th August 2021
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