Leopard sighted in Uganda’s Lake Mburo National Park

Not Happy!!!

You go on a few days well earned leave and all hell brakes loose back at the lodge. 

Thankfully the guests at the lodge couldn’t have been happier.

More leopard sightings than you can shake a stick at!!!! 
Two separate groups managed to see a mother and her three cubs feasting on a kill and two nights ago a lucky couple managed to see a leopard take down a young impala only a few metres from their vehicle. More sightings of a mother and cub in daylight. And hyena sightings and single leopard sightings…………

Currently there is a great guy at the lodge called Damian, there for training experience, and in the three weeks he has been there, and the four times he has driven in the park he has seen five leopards.

Happy leopard hunting guys,