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2022 – Covid19 and Your Upcoming tour to Uganda – What you Need to Know about Booking, Cancellations, Reschedules

Mountain Gorillas on Uganda Chimpanzee - Uganda Gorilla Trek, Chimpanzee Tracking

2022 – Covid19 and Your Upcoming tour to Uganda – Your Questions Answered What you Need to Know about Booking, Cancellations, Rescheduling your Uganda gorilla trekking permits and Chimp permits during the COVID-19 Pandemuc The current outbreak and spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) together with the associated media and social media coverage is understandably becoming an increasing…

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Is Uganda Safe for Tourists? Is it safe to go to Uganda, How safe is Uganda

Uganda Gorilla Tracking &Lake Bunyonyi Canoe Trek - 4 Days Gorillas and Wildlife Safaris

Is Uganda Safe for Tourists? Is it safe to go to Uganda? How safe is Uganda: Uganda is an largely safe country to visit. Within the cities, there could be some incidences like mugging, snatching but largely, Uganda is safe. The Uganda people are very friendly and courteous, more so to foreign tourists. At least 1.4 million tourists…

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Rwanda visa on arrival, no prior application for visa to Rwanda

Effective from 01 January 2018, nationals of all countries will get the Rwanda visa upon arrival without prior application. Previously, one had to apply for their Rwanda visa online in advance before arriving Rwanda. This was reached upon in the Rwanda government cabinet meeting on November 08, 2017,  that approved the establishment of the new…

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Uganda Launches e-Visa application for Uganda Tourist visa applications

Uganda Launches e-Visa application for Uganda tourist visa applications You can now apply for your Uganda tourist visa online with the new e-visa system. All those who have guests, friends or relatives visiting Uganda, kindly advise them to apply for the Visas online. Soon they will be no issuance at the point of entry. It…

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