Lodging and accommodation in Kibale National Park hotels

Kibale National Park together with the nearby Kasenda Crater lakes are close to being an independent traveller’s dream, blessed with the tantalising combination of inexpensive accommodation, easy access, wonderful scenery and a remarkable variety of activities. The Park is highly alluring to nature lovers of all budgets for its excellent chimpanzee tracking and bird watching not to mention the greatest variety and concentration of primates of any forest in East Africa. Gazetted in October 1993, the 760 sq km national park extends southwards from Fort Portal to form a contiguous block with Queen Elizabeth National Park. At least 60 mammal species are present in Kibale Forest. It is particularly rich in Primates, with 13 species recorded, the highest total for any Ugandan national park.

There are several nice lodging and accommodation in Kibale National Park. Here are the hotels in Kibale National Park.

Ndali Lodge set stunningly amidst the Bunyaruguru crater lake region of Western Uganda, 24 kilometres south of Fort Portal
Kibale Forest Camp situated in a patch of indigenous forest, just outside Kibale Forest National Park. The camp consists of 7 African safari style tents, which are comfortably furnished with twin or double beds
Kyaninga Lodge Fort Portal Kibale - PoolKyaninga Lodge located 15 minutes outside Fort Portal town. Perched atop a hill overlooking a stunning blue crater
lake, the lodge enjoys spectacular panoramic views of the surrounding landscape

Primate Lodge Kibale Primate Lodge Kibale Campis located at the Kanyanchu Visitors Centre in Kibale
National Park. From Fort Portal follow the road to Kamwenge for 36 kms and branch off at the sign post directing to Primate Lodge Kibale.

Chimps Nest Kibale National Park KibaleChimps Nest Kibale near Nyabubale, a small village between Nkingo and Bigodi. It’s only a 15-minute drive from Kanyanchu, the starting point of UWA chimp-tracking and other activities in Kibale Forest.

CVK Lakeside Resort.CVK Lakeside Resort Kibale - Budget Price AccommodationThis picturistic low budget priced accommodation is located near a beautiful Crater Lake Nyabikere

Mountain Of The Moon Hotel Fort PortalMountains of The Moon Hotel This is a large resort-style hotel, just outside of the center of Fort Portal. It features a large main building with a central garden and rooms surrounding an inside courtyard.

Rwenzori View Guest House Fort PortalRwenzori View Guesthouse This is a small scale beautiful guest house in Fort Portal. The owners managed to get the perfect informal atmosphere for this place.

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