Packing for Uganda Safari- What should I pack on Visit, tour or safari to Uganda?


Packing for Uganda Safari- What should I bring with me on my visit /tour/safari/holiday to Uganda, what essentials should I pack as I plan to visit Uganda?

·         Daypack
·         High SPF sunscreen (Uganda is located on the equator!)
·         Flashlight
·         Insect  repellent.
·         Spare or rechargeable batteries (these are difficult to find once you are in the Parks).
·         Waterproof bags to protect equipment
·         Electric plug adaptors for 240 volts AC 50 HZ. UK style square-pin plugs are used.
·         Some people find contact lens uncomfortable in Uganda because of the dust – you may find it more comfortable to were glasses while on the road.
·         Antiseptic handwash.
·         An International Driving License if you are thinking of hiring a vehicle.
·         Good walking boots/ shoes
·         Sandals or other light shoes
·         Waterproof jacket or rain poncho
·         Lighter clothing for Kampala and the savannah, with layers for cooler evenings,
·         Warm clothing for mountainous regions, including thermal layers and a fleece.
·         Sun hat/cap
·         Uganda is a conservative country, and visitors should dress respectfully. Avoid the very short skirts and very short shorts.
Should I Bring any Specialist Equipment?
This depends on your interest – for photography, birding and wildlife enthusiasts we recommend the following:
Binoculars: The better ones start at about $250: you get what you pay for! Waterproof binoculars are great in Uganda as they are also dustproof.
For most travelers stick with 8-10 magnification and 32 objectives which are heavy to carry all day.
Cameras: Choose something you know can handle  – a heavy camera with many settings will be off-putting for some people to use. For good wildlife shots, 8et at least 8x optical zoom. Six to eight megapixel is fine unless you want poster-size photos. Bring a lens cloth to remove dust, several changes of batteries (even if you use rechargeable – not all sites have power points) and take several 1GB memory cards instead of one large one to avoid losing all your photos in case something goes wrong.