Rwanda to Host the Pan- African Dance Festival

Rwanda to Host the Pan- African Dance Festival

Rwanda will host the 8th edition of the Pan-African Dance Festival (FESPAD) event which is expected to attract at least 40 countries from around the world.

The festival is being organized by the Rwanda Development Board (RDB) and the Ministry of Sports and Culture (MIJESPOC); under the theme “The spirit of expression.” The one week and half-long event will begin on February 23 through March 2nd 2013.

The RDB Head of Tourism and Conversation Rica Rwigamba confirmed the developments and told the press, this Wednesday that the festival will create a platform to position Kigali as international events destination while promoting the great aspect of Africa unity through dance.

Pan African Dance Festival (FESPAD) is an unrivalled African Dance festival held as a means to promote peace and unity on the African continent.

Dance as an important part of African culture dates as far back as the earliest documentation of African history. The role played by dances in traditional African community went beyond entertainment fostering peace and unity, bringing peoples and communities closer together.

FESPAD was created out of the realization that dance still holds the same importance in the social, political and economic fabric of the continent and continues to promote integration, peace and unity. The theme for the 8th FESPAD 2013The spirit of expression” is apt as it fits into the overall objective of the festival which is to bring together Africa through dance. In Africa, dances teach social patterns and values and help people work, mature and praise members of the community hence FESPAD 2013 will provide a platform for African to express their dance styles, moves while celebrating the spirit of oneness!

She then added that the festival is expected to promote tourism as well as investment, and promote the good image of the country in general as part of the country’s strategy of development. RDB will provide more information to the general public in coming days about the performances of traditional dances and especially the planned dance workshops that will include Salsa, Hip hop and Kinyarwanda dances as it was the case of the 7th edition of the festival which was held in 2010.

She also explained that the 8th Edition of FESPAD was shifted to a February date instead of the common July dates, because the organizers felt the traditional low season experienced in Rwanda could be utilized by artists to showcase their talents and not clash with other high profile festivals.

Rwanda will also host an East African Community (EAC) festival dubbed ‘Jam Fest’ which will take place between February 11th to 16th, starting in two weeks time already. Both events have been marked as major events in Rwanda and in fact Eastern Africa to promote and create awareness on the many opportunities in Rwanda today, for tourism and other sectors of the economy, in the Land of a Thousand Hills.