Bwindi Uganda Gorilla Habituation Experience Tour Cost – 3 Days

Bwindi gorilla habituation experience tour Gorillas and Wldlife Safaris

UGANDA Gorilla HABITUATION experience Tour cost – 3 Days Uganda Gorilla Habituation Experience Tour  – Spend (4 times) more time with mountain gorillas – Tour cost from USD1854  per person (based on 4 persons) – See below here. The aim of this Uganda gorilla habituation experience tour is that you spend more time with the mountain gorillas…

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Uganda chimpanzee Gorilla habituation Experience tour – 5 Days

Uganda chimpanzee gorilla habituation experience tour

UGANDA Chimpanzee & Gorilla HABITUATION experience tour – 5 Days 5-Days All inclusive, Private safari. Includes the Mountain Gorilla Habituation Experience (4 hours with Bwindi Gorillas) and  full day chimps habituation experience in Kibale. The 5-days chimpanzee gorilla habituation experience tour gives you a chance to do the intimate Chimpanzee  habituation Experience with Kibale Chimps…

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