Tracking Oruzogo Gorilla Family in Bwindi–Information, Accommodations, Transport

Oruzogo gorilla group in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park is located in Ruhija together with Bitukura,and Kyaguriro (which is the gorilla family dedicated purely for research). Gorilla trek safari at only $730 at www.gorillasandwildlifesafaris.comThis gorilla family can be trekked from Buhoma or Ruhija. The group consists of 16 individuals including 1 dominant silverback (named Tibirikwata) and two babies that were recently born. Although the sex of the two babies is yet to be established, the proud mothers are the cute adult females Birungi and Mutesi. The new babies join the posse of other infants Buchura and Kanywani who is Kakobe’s baby.

Naming all the 16 individuals save for the three infants who are currently known by their mothers’ identities like Mutesi baby or Birungi baby was completed before it was availed for tracking in 2012.
Other individuals in the group include Busungu(Meaning short tampered),Kashundwe, Nyakiina,Kaganga (the giant one),Otaka,Bwoba(the coward) Karimi (tongue) Kiromba, KLatooto (the small one) Kanywani(meaning friendly,Kakobe who looks like a monkey and Buchura referring to the youngest or last born before the two newest babies came forth.


Tracking Oruzogo Gorilla Group

If you intend to track this gorilla family, it is advisable you plan a night before in either Kabale town, Ruhija or in Buhoma (Bwindi’s park headquarters). It takes about 2 hours driving from either Kabale or Buhoma. Since there gorilla tracking starts at 7:00 AM, you should plan to depart either of these places latest 5AM. If you are spending the night before tracking in Ruhija, it is muc easier because it’s in Ruhija that the gorilla tracking trailhead is located. In all cases, ensure you are at the UWA offices in Ruhija at 7:00AM for the pre-trek briefing.

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Getting to Ruhija

Ruhija is about 456 kilometers from Kampala city and about 52 kilometers from Kabale town, it is about 52 kilometers from Buhoma-Bwindi impenetrable National park`s HQ. When traveling from 4WDneed_thumb11Kabale after about 26 kms, you will branch off Kisoro road by signpost of UWA- Ruhija.

IMG_3149_thumb9If you will be travelling from Kampala, you can take advantage of cheap private transfers from and negotiate your deal. You can also take a public bus to Kabale (preferably Jaguar or Kampala coach). These buses are quite unreliable as they often breakdown along the way and many of them have been involved in fatal accidents. From Kabale to Ruhija public transport is by pick-up tracks which are not recommended at all. You may therefore need to hire a private taxi to Ruhija at about $90 one way including fuel and driver. The section of the road from the turn-off from the main road to Ruhija requires a 4×4, especially during the rainy season (although there’s no marked dry spell for Ruhija).







Along the Way to Ruhija

Views of the Virunga Ranges

Troupes of Olive baboons are a common site along the way

Golden cat, quite rare but may be encountered along the way to Ruhija

Accommodation in Ruhija

Ruhija Gorilla Safari Lodge – Bwindi Ruhija Gorilla Safari Lodge Bwindi

This is probably the nicest option in the Ruhija area and the best option when trekking to Oruzogo Gorilla Family. On clear days the view of the Virunga volcanoes, is breath taking.

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Ruhija Community Rest Camp

The camp is located just a few meters from the UWA Office of Ruhija where all gorilla tracking in this area is done. Ruhija Community Rest Camp (RCRC) is a community based enterprise, initiated and managed by some community members. Most likely it is the cheapest lodging option you can get in Ruhija Sector of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. Learn more >>

Ruhija Gorilla Friends Resort and Campsite

IMG_6676_thumb1Safari tents with AMAZING views, nice staff, very close to the gorilla trekking start. It is located about 600m from the Ruhija Gorilla tracking trail-head. An ideal budget lodging in Ruhija accommodation during your trip for you to track Kyanguriro, Bitukura and Oruzongo Gorilla Groups.

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Cuckooland Lodge (Moderate $$):

CuckooLand Lodge Bwindi UgandaA new mid-range tented lodge set in a spectacular location on the eastern edge of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park, with superb views overlooking Bwindi ForeCuckooLand Lodge Bwindi Ugandast. Cukooland Lodge occupies 10 acres of land facing directly Bwindi Impenetrable National Park on the way from Ruhija to Buhoma. Lodging consists of 4 self-contained, spacious, comfortably furnished double tents, built on wooden platforms and with a thatched roof and large verandah. Learn more >>


Ruhija Gorilla Mist Camp This is a small camp with 4 thatched roof cottages with balconies overlooking the valley, forest and volcanoes. Located about 5 minutes from Bwindi/ Ruhija park offices from where gorilla IMG_6685_thumb1tracking for either of the three families Oruzogo, Bitukula, and Kyaguliro starts.

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