Uganda‬ Safe for tourists, Calm and remains a Hospitable Country to visit

Uganda‬ Safe for tourists, Calm and remains a Hospitable Country to visit

Despite having insecurity in neighboring DRC and South Sudan, Uganda‬ safe for tourists. There has been no harm to any tourists in Uganda as of yet.

International and some local media have carried stories to the effect that there are specific terror threats targeting Uganda and particularly Kampala Capital City.

In an emergency warning issued late Wednesday, the US mission in Kampala said it had “received information of possible terrorist threats to locations where Westerners, including US citizens, congregate in Kampala, and that an attack may take place soon” adding that some planned events had been cancelled at Kampala hotels. The US Embassy however, gave no further details.

Ugandan defence spokesman Paddy Ankunda said the warning was “absolutely” linked to the Al-Qaeda-backed Islamist’s, who have carried out major attacks in Kampala in the past.

As you are all aware, Uganda is a key contributor to the African Union’s AMISOM force battling the Al-Shabaab inside Somalia. However, the threat was “low level”, added Ankunda.

Uganda alongside countries in the region, and others world over including the United States of America face the daily threat of terrorism from such groups as the Al Shabab and the Allied Democratic Forces, and have put in place effective counter terrorism measures, especially in Kampala – Uganda’s Capital and at other vital installations such as Entebbe International Airport so as to ensure that those groups do not succeed in their evil plans.

The Uganda Police, together with sister security agencies, continuously, and on a daily basis, focus on the threat of terrorism and evaluates whatever information relating to any possible attacks on the country.

As Uganda Tourism Board, we wish to reassure the public, especially the travelers to Uganda and in particular those visiting Kampala Capital City and Entebbe that there is no cause for alarm. Uganda, the Pearl of Africa is secure and out of any harm’s way. Our armed forces, police and intelligence are on full alert in all public places and tourist attractions to ensure that tourists continue enjoying our pristine destination.

However, even with this reassurance, Uganda Tourism Board asks for vigilance, and advises that you report any suspicious items lying in any premises, any suspicious individuals and activities to the nearest police station, security officer, or Local Council official.

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