2021 Promotional Uganda Discounted Gorilla Permits

2021 Promotional Uganda Discounted Gorilla Permits

Prices for Gorilla trekking permits in Uganda have been slashed. The discounted gorilla permits prices are now as follows:

Discounted Gorilla permits Prices for non-resident foreign visitors USD400 (from USD700)

Discounted Gorilla permits Prices for resident foreign visitors USD300 (from USD600)

Discounted Gorilla permits Prices for Ugandans and East African nationals Uganda shillings 150000  (from 250000)

The new offers are in response to the COVID-19 pandemic that has led to low numbers of visitors tracking the mountain gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.


The Uganda Wildlife Authority has stated that these prices are only valid up to June 31st 2021.

mountain-gorilla-silverback-male-silverback Uganda Offers Discounted Gorilla Permits For November 2013 and Promotional Gorilla Tours

In addition to this, Gorillas and Wildlife Safaris will be offering further special discounts for all tours booked within this period of time as you shall be seeing on our website. Some of the safari packages you can book to enjoy this promotion gorilla safari discounts include:
 Uganda 5 days Gorillas, Kibale Chimps Tour
 Uganda 5 days Gorilla tracking tour with Wildlife Safari in Queen Elizabeth National Park 
Rwanda 5 days Gorillas, Nyungwe Chimps
5 days Rwanda Gorillas and Uganda Safari in Queen Elizabeth National Park 

5 days Uganda Rwanda Gorillas
 6 Days Gorilla Trek tour, Kibale Chimps tracking, Wildlife BIG 5 Safaris in Queen Elizabeth National
6 days gorilla tracking, wildlife safari in Queen Elizabeth, Lake Mburo National Park
 7 days Rwanda, Uganda Gorillas, Chimps trek Safari
7 Days Pure Rwanda Primates tour
8 days Uganda Gorilla Game safari
 9 days Gorillas, primates wildlife 
 All-Inclusive 12 days Uganda Safari
 14 days Uganda Rwanda Safari

So please book your gorilla trekking safari for November now to enjoy this discount. This idea is a welcome one as Uganda Looks to improve her tourist inflows.

Uganda was voted the best tourist destination by lonely planet and has recorded the highest tourism growth in the whole of Africa in 2019. Tourism has been sighted by the President of Uganda as a sector that will drive the country out of poverty in the next coming years. With this discount on gorilla permits especially in low seasons will not only increase on tourists’ inflow but will create awareness, tourism earnings for the betterment of the sector.


How to book your 2021 Discounted Gorilla permits?

Please contact us for your discounted gorilla permits and we will pre-purchase it for you and organize a gorilla tour that fits your budget, interest and time. All we need from you is the exact date when you intend to trek and we will check the availability of gorilla permits at Uganda Wildlife Authority which is a body mandate to sell gorilla permits on behalf of the Uganda Government and the Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife. Once we find out that UWA has permits, you will need to send us your names as they appear on your passport, your nationality so that we forward them to Uganda Wildlife Authority to issue your gorilla permit.

How do I pay for my Uganda Discounted gorilla permit?

Once you have decided on the dates, we will send you an invoice with our bank account details to enable you effect your payments. We usually require full payment of gorilla permits.

How do I know that my permit has been pre-purchased?

Once your money shows on our account, our office staff will check-in at Uganda Wildlife Authority with all your passport details and once your permit is issued, then we will scan it and send you a copy.

To claim you cut off the gorilla tour price please send an email to info@gorillasandwildlifesafaris.com or visit the website  (https://www.gorillasandwildlifesafaris.com ) and ask for a reduction in gorilla tour price to reflect this discount.
See you on trek!