Uganda Foreign currency exchange, Using credit cards, Bargaining/ Shopping in Uganda

Uganda Foreign currency exchange, Using credit cards, Bargaining/ Shopping in Uganda.

What is the Currency in Uganda?

The Ugandan Shilling. This cannot be purchased outside the country.

How do I Exchange Cash in Uganda?

US Dollars, UK Pounds and Euros are accepted by UWA for gorillas/ chimp tracking  permits and park entry fees. Many larger hotels will also accept US Dollars and Euros – though you should check in advance.
Note: All US dollars notes must be printed post-2003, and should not be damaged in any way. Higher exchange rates are given on larger value notes ($50 and $100). Banks and Forex bureaus will exchange cash, alternatively us can use ATM machines – common in the major towns. They should accept Visa Debit and Credit Cards.

Can I use Credit or Debit Cards in Uganda?

Visa is more widely accepted in city hotels and stores, followed by Mastercard. Other Credit cards are unlikely to work.
Alert your bank before using you card abroad to avoid it being blocked.
Can I bargain When Shopping in Uganda
Prices are fixed in shops, but food and craft markets will be more flexible. You stand a better chance of getting a reduced price if you purchase several items from the same seller.
Prices are generally very low – so do consider if what you are asking for is fair.
Agree on charges for minibuses (matatus) or motorbike taxis (boda-bodas) with your driver before hiring.

Uganda Travel Tip -Use a Visa Card for ATM machine-
Americans can use Bank of America Debit Cards at Barclay and pay no fees, you can withdraw at most banks about 190 usd in shillings 500,000 shillings- at Barclays Bank take out 400,000 reinsert card and another 400,000 – 350 360 usd depending on exchange rate given by bank.

Do not use your card at a bar where ATM machines are showing up- you will be a target of one kind or another.