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Kalinzu Forest Reserve–A Natural Forest beaming with Kalinzu Chimps, Primates,

Kalinzu Forest Reserve–A Natural Forest beaming with Kalinzu Chimps, Primates  Kalinzu Forest has a  95% Chimpanzee Trekking Success with the fee being –40 USD for the permit for  Chimpanzee Trekking in Kalinzu. Kalinzu Forest is located in Bushenyi district of Uganda. Kalinzu forest is approximately 375 km. (five hours drive) from the Capital City of Kampala.…

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Rwanda Habituated Gorilla Groups and families

As of January 2015, there are 10 habituated gorilla groups which are for tourism purposes, and these are the ones that gorilla trackers visit. At maximum, 8 persons can visit each gorilla group per day spending a maximum one hour each visit. These groups include Susa group, Sabinyo, Amahoro, Group 13 (Agasha group), Kwitonda, Umubano,…

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Rwanda gorilla permit will cost 1500 USD

 The Rwanda Development Board today announced an increase in the price of Gorilla Permits from US$ 750 to US $1,500 for all visitors effective immediately. A new exclusive package for tourists who wish to book an entire family of gorillas was also introduced at US$ 15,000, and will receive exclusive personalized tour guide services. The…

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Climbing Mount Karisimbi (Rwanda)

by Ivan Wassaaka Mount Karisimbi is the highest of the eight volcanoes in the Virunga Mountains. It is a huge dome, now dormant, that dominates the range, more in girth than in height. Its name in Kinyaruanda means white shell, which refers to its often white-capped summit. Interestingly, this cap results not from snow but…

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Trek to Dian Fossey Tomb (Grave) Hike

by Ivan Wassaaka What exactly is at the grave and Research Center? How does one get there, how long is the hike, how much does the  trek cost, how do I arrange the trek?  What do you see besides her grave and what sounds to be a small museum? What is the center like? One…

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