Is Uganda Safe for Tourists? Is it safe to go to Uganda, How safe is Uganda

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Is Uganda Safe for Tourists? Is it safe to go to Uganda?

How safe is Uganda:

Uganda is an largely safe country to visit. Within the cities, there could be some incidences like mugging, snatching but largely, Uganda is safe.

The Uganda people are very friendly and courteous, more so to foreign tourists. At least 1.4 million tourists visit Uganda, with very few safety incidences.

Of course after the April 2019 kidnapping of American tourists in Queen Elizabeth Park (they were both released), there are questions to consider for anyone intending to have safari in Uganda. This kidnap however was an isolated incident and the security reinforcements thereafter made the destination even more safer.

Some Steps For Tourist Safety on Uganda Safari – How to be safer on Uganda Tour – Basic Safety Tips for Travelers to Uganda

These safety tips apply to anywhere you travel, and they’ll come in handy on a trip to Uganda.

  • Before Arrival in Uganda check for Traveler Advisories and Alerts issued by the U.S. State Depart or the British Foreign Office include checking the Website of your Country’s Embassy Website in Uganda.
  • When going out, try to stay in company of locals all the time, a local tour guide, driver, etc.
  • Try to arrive during day and if you are arriving airpot in the night, stay at a hotel near airport. Avoid any night travel outside of Entebbe-Kampala.
  • Use a Mobile Phone with Skype and or WhatsApp on it – most hotels and lodges have WiFi.
  • Try to work with a locally registered tour agent for your safari..
  • Make a copy of your passport and keep it in your luggage
  • Don’t wear flashy jewelry when walking in crowded cities and towns.
  • Don’t carry too much cash with you
  • Wear a money belt that fits under your clothes
  • Don’t carry a lot of camera equipment – especially in major cities

Why Uganda is Safe for Tourists in Uganda

  • A very low gun to population ration. Private gun ownership is highly prohibited. It is rare to even find a home with a gun.
  • Mass shootings like those in the USA are not in Uganda
  • No terrorist incident has been in Uganda since 2010. And from that incident, security across was so tightened everywhere, so it is rather hard to have such terrorist attacks like on malls and shopping centres

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