Lonely Planet names Uganda ‘THE 2013 BIRDWATCHING DESTINATION’

Lonely Planet has named Uganda the 2013 birdwatching destination. As 2012 is slowly getting ready to hand over to the next year in line a new tagline will take over from the hype of this year, as The Pearl of Africa turned 50 and when the Lonely Planet Guide had named Uganda as their top…

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Of the Special Birds of Semliki National Park, Birding in Semliki

Birds of Semliki birding

In the Semliki Basin there are 441 bird species including 46 Guinea-Congo Biome species found nowhere else in East Africa, and 5 species endemic to the Albertine Rift Valley only. These are spot-breasted ibis, Hartlaub’s duck, Congo Serpent Eagle, chestnut-flanked  goshawk, red-thighed sparrowhawk, long-tailed hawk, Nkulengu rail, black-throated coucal, chestnut owlet, Bates’s nightjar, black-wattled hornbill,…

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