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How much does it cost to see  trek the gorillas

A gorilla trekking permit costs USD$1500 in Rwanda and in Uganda, USD$600 for foreigners,  USD500 for Foreign Residents about $70 for East Africans. The gorilla permit only allows you entry to the park but not accommodation and transfers.

What is the cost gorilla tour in Uganda or Rwanda?

If you are a single traveller planning a gorilla trek in Uganda or gorilla tracking in Rwanda, you could get an all-inclusive gorilla tour package for between $2100 to $3500( including a gorilla permit, your accommodation, and then transport)  for 3 days Rwanda gorilla tour or Uganda gorilla trek safari.

In this article get Gorilla trek tour prices and cost comparisons for gorilla safari. When planning to do a gorilla trek/ tracking safari in Uganda or Rwanda, quite a number of factors come into play to determine the final tour cost of the gorilla tracking safari.
That is why it is quite hard for one to have standard gorilla tracking tour prices displayed on a website because every inquiring intending gorilla trek visit will have own unique desires and each of these desires almost dictate that you make new changes in pricing.

You would need to first consider the following items in summary to determine your gorilla tracking tour price:
Your gorilla  safari tracking permit for Bwindi or Volcanoes National Park Rwanda or Congos Virunga NP, book and pay for you accommodation and then pay transport to and from Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Mgahinga National Park (Uganda) and Volcanoes National Park in Uganda. Depending on where you wish to trek gorillas, the minimum days for a gorilla trekking tour in Uganda is three while for Rwanda, it can be two days for the whole gorilla safari.


Gorilla trek tour prices and costing comparison


Gorilla trek tour prices broken down for Gorilla Safari

In your budget, your number one item should be the gorilla trek permit. It’s a gorilla trek permit that gives you permission to view the endangered mountain gorillas for one hour per person in Uganda or Rwanda. Currently each gorilla trek permit costs USD600. Rwanda gorilla trekking permits cost USD1500.00 per person. Gorilla trek permits for Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park are issued by Uganda Wildlife Authority head offices in Kampala on a fast come first serve basis while gorilla trek permits for Rwanda are issues by Rwanda Development Board.
It is advised that you pre-purchase your gorilla permits 3-5 months in advance to avoid shortage most especially during high seasons of June, July, August and September then December, January and February. Uganda Wildlife Authority sometimes offers discounted Gorilla permits in low seasons of November, April and May but these have to be announced at a given date.

Price and Cost of Transport in your gorilla trek tour prices

When planning your gorilla tour/ gorilla safari, you will need to budget and plan transport to and from Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. Bwindi is located 8 hours by road from Entebbe/ Kampala and 4 hours from Kigali. You can also fly to Bwindi from Entebbe for 1 hour (for about $350 per one way). If you are planning to do the Uganda gorilla tour by road therefore from Kampala or Entebbe, you need to budget for three days. The first day is for leaving Entebbe/Kampala to Bwindi and the next day is for gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, and on Day 3 after your Bwindi gorilla tracking, drive back to Entebbe or Kampala.

Doing a gorilla tour by bus

From Kampala you could take a bus to a town near Bwindi like Kabale or Kisoro or Butogota which takes almost a full day on road. When you alight the bus, you hire a taxi or boda boda (motorbike taxi) to your accommodation near Bwindi. From your accommodation, you will need transport on the next day to Bwindi park office to start your gorilla trekking and back to your accommodation for the second night. On the third day, you end your self-designed gorilla safari by getting another bus back to Kampala.

Doing a Uganda gorilla tour by self drive or car hire

You can hire a vehicle for your gorilla safari or gorilla trekking tour. The minimum should be 3 days. You drive from Kampala or Entebbe to Bwindi on the first day,  to transfer you to and from the starting point of your gorilla trek and the third day is to drive back to Entebbe/Kampala. Thus you need to budget for a vehicle with guide per day and then fuel to cater for the long distance from Entebbe to and from Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

Cost and Price of Accommodation in your gorilla trek tour prices

You will have to budget for your accommodation for at least two nights. The first night is when you arrive in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and the second night is after your gorilla trek. It is possible to trek gorillas and depart Bwindi on the same day but it is advisable that you plan to stay an extra night as you will never tell whether your gorilla trek will take a shorter time or a long one. You, therefore, need a night after your gorilla trekking. Most accommodation properties offer accommodation and meals on full board. Depending on the type of accommodation, both sides of Bwindi Impenetrable National have budget, mid range and up market properties so depending on your taste please do contact us for more information.

Cost of Porters for gorilla tracking/ gorilla trek tour

We encourage all our clients to take porters for their gorilla trek for several reasons. They carry your bags and when you are approaching gorillas, they will remain with your packed lunches and all items that you might not need. They will give you a push or a pull during your trek in the forest. This extra effort is to enable you achieve your dream of viewing these endangered mountain gorillas. The other significance of taking a porter is that by doing so, you are contributing to community development since most of these porter are school going boys and girls and this chance was only given to students to work and get money to for their school fees. By paying for a porter, you are contributing to community development indirectly

Cost of Tips of gorilla trek safari

Tips are an appreciation of good service rendered to you by your safari guide, gorilla trekking guide, waiters and porters. Its not a must that you have to do this. As a responsible Tour Company, we recommend that you put some small funds aside for tipping.

Some Uganda Gorilla Trek tours and safari packages

All Inclusive Uganda Gorilla & Wildlife Safari – 15 Days

All Inclusive Uganda Gorilla & Wildlife Safari – 12 Days

Uganda Gorilla, Primate & Wildlife Safari – 10 Days

Uganda Gorilla, Chimp & Game Safari – 8 Days

Uganda All Inclusive Gorilla & Wildlife Safari with Murchison Falls Tour- 9 Days

Uganda Gorilla, Primate & Wildlife Safari – 9 Days

Uganda Gorilla, primates & Game Safari – 8 Days

19 days all Inclusive Uganda Wildlife Safari, culture + primate Safari

Best of Uganda Safari – 7 Days

Uganda Chimp, Wildlife & Gorilla Trek – 7 Days

Uganda Gorilla Chimp Trek & Murchison Game Safari – 6 Days

Uganda All Primates Gorilla Chimps Golden monkeys Safari – 6 Days

Uganda Gorilla Tracking, Game Safari in Lake Mburo & Queen Elizabeth NP, Kyambura Chimps trek- 6 Days

Bwindi Gorilla Kibale Chimp Trek & Wildlife Safari- 6 Days

Bwindi Gorillas trek and Uganda Wild Game Safari – 5 Days

Uganda Gorilla Tracking, Rafting & Hiking Safari – 6 Days

Bwindi Gorilla Tracking & Kibale Chimp Safari – 5 Days

Uganda 4 days Gorilla chimps Trek Tour

Uganda Gorilla Safari – two-treks- 4 Days

Gorilla Tracking & Sabyinyo Volcano Hike – 4 Days

Uganda Gorilla Tracking & Batwa Pygmy Experience Tour – 4 Days

Uganda Gorilla Tracking & Lake Bunyonyi canoe Trekking – 4 Days

Uganda Gorilla Tracking & Golden Monkey Trek – 4 Days

Uganda Flying Gorilla Safari – 4 Days

Uganda Gorilla & Queen Elizabeth Safari – 4 Days

Uganda Gorilla Trek Tour – 3 Days

Uganda Flying Gorilla Safari – 3 Days

Uganda Gorilla Trek Lake Bunyonyi Tour – 3 Days

Kibale Chimp Trek & Queen Elizabeth Wildlife Safari – 5 Days

Uganda Savanna Game & Chimpanzee Safari – 5 Days

Kibale Chimp Trek & Queen Elizabeth Wildlife Safari – 4 Days

Murchison Falls & Chimp Tracking Safari – 3 Days

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