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Uganda Free of Ebola

18th June 2019

Visiting Director General concurred with the Uganda government Ministry of Health that the recent Ebola outbreak the country had been contained. Even as we have to wait for the full mandatory incubation period the World Health Organization in a joint statement with the ministry concurred that literally the situation is well contained.  

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Are Tourists safe from Ebola in Uganda

14th June 2019

Are Tourists safe from Ebola in Uganda Tourism remains safe in Uganda but industry stakeholders and government officials are worried about the PR effects this news has on the global media and the travel and tourism industry. Everyone entering Uganda from DRC and South Sudan will be screened for Ebola. There is no threat for…

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Update on Ebola in Uganda – Victims’ Family Repatriated back to Congo, No New Cases!

13th June 2019

Uganda Authorities repatriated the relatives of two people who died of Ebola in Uganda back to the Democratic Republic of Congo on Thursday, including a 3-year-old boy confirmed to be suffering from the disease, the Ugandan health minister said. The cases marked the first time the virus has crossed an international border since the current…

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gorilla tracking, Uganda has 15 mountain gorilla group/ gorilla families habituated for gorilla trekking/tracking, gorilla habituation experience for Bwindi.

Uganda’s 18 Mountain Gorilla Groups Families in Bwindi Mgahinga for Uganda Gorilla Trek & Gorilla Habituation Experience

11th June 2019

As of June 2019, For any one planning a Uganda gorilla trek, you have the opportunity to track any of the following  18 mountain gorilla groups or families habituated for tourism (gorilla trekking/tracking and gorilla habituation experiences) located in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park (17 gorilla groups) and Mgahinga Gorilla NP (1 gorilla group). The 18 Uganda…

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Is Uganda Safe for Tourists? Is it safe to go to Uganda, How safe is Uganda

2nd June 2019

Is Uganda Safe for Tourists? Is it safe to go to Uganda? How safe is Uganda: Uganda is an largely safe country to visit. Within the cities, there could be some incidences like mugging, snatching but largely, Uganda is safe. The Uganda people are very friendly and courteous, more so to foreign tourists. At least 1.4 million tourists…

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What to wear for gorilla trekking to see the gorillas? Packing for Gorilla Trek

5th May 2019

What to wear for gorilla trekking to see the gorillas? Packing for Gorilla Trek What to wear for gorilla trekking to see the gorillas; what should I wear for gorilla tracking; what is the dress code for gorilla tracking; what should I pack for gorilla tracking; how should I prepare for gorilla tracking/ trekking? Put…

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Bwindi mountain gorillas, cost of gorilla trek, price of gorilla safari, uganda rwanda gorilla, gorilla tour trek cost

Gorilla trek tour prices, cost – Uganda Rwanda Gorilla Tours, Gorilla Safaris

16th April 2019

The cost of a gorilla trek tour safari in Uganda or Rwanda

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how tough Rwanda gorilla trek primate tracking tours safaris fitness gorilla trek rwanda gorilla 3 days tour

How tough is the Rwanda gorilla trek? Which is the hardest/ easiest, best gorilla group to track

21st March 2019

How tough is the Rwanda gorilla trek- Which is the toughest mountain gorilla group to track in Rwanda, which gorilla group is the most popular to track, easiest gorilla family to track, how many hours does the gorilla tracking take in Rwanda? Susa, Kwitonda, Sabinyo, Umahoro? How difficult is Gorilla Trekking? How fit must I be…

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Mountain Gorillas Trekking Aside, Why Does Earth need Bwindi so badly?

6th March 2019

What else is there in Bwindi apart from mountain Gorilla trekking? What else can one do in Bwindi apart from tracking mountain gorillas; why is Bwindi an IUCN World Heritage site? L-Hoerst Monkeys, 1 of the 12 primates in Bwindi With an ever growing importance now being attached to tourism development in East Africa, each…

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Bwenge Gorilla Group– A mountain gorilla group in Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda

4th March 2019

Bwenge Gorilla Group – A mountain gorilla group in Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda   Bwenge gorilla group derives its name from the silverback gorilla leader, Bwenge, The family size of this group is 11 individuals with Silverback. It is mostly found on the Slopes of the Karisoke Volcano. The group is led by a silverback named…

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